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Diversity/Next Gen Membership

What is NextGen at the Alliance? What does it mean?

To me it means investment into the future. Not only personally but professionally by being part of a group that helps you grow in many different avenues as a business leader, networker, communicator, etc.

Why should someone join as a NextGen member? In your opinion are there any benefits, specifically for NextGen?

There is opportunity for you has an individual to have a group of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders provide insight and opportunity for you and your business.

How would you describe the benefits of mentorship, connections, rolodex building, etc. as part of the reasons to join the Alliance?

Very positive and character building. Being part of a successful room forces you to be the best version of yourself and that will only help you grow as a business leader, networker and individual. The individuals in the room are also people who want to see you succeed and are open to helping provide guidance to you in order to achieve your goals. Having the ability to reach your goals within the group, effectively helps the group overall, so it is in our best interest to help each other out.