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Business News

Remote Work & Hybrid Schedules are here to stay in NYC

Companies are starting to make decisions on what the workplace will look like in a post-pandemic world.


Ruckus: Winner of the 2020 Emmy for Branded Content

Congratulations to NY Alliance members on their first Emmy Award!

Member Spotlight

Tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance

How to avoid job burnout while motivating employees towards success.

Executive Advice

Challenges Faced and How We Are Overcoming Them: Experiences and Solutions

The past year has been full of challenges and obstacles for everyone. Here is how our 40 executive members are tackling the difficult problems.

Executive Advice

LinkedIn Influence: How to Excel on the Platform

No matter your industry or profession, spending time perfecting your LinkedIn presence and content stream is a valuable piece of the ideal personal branding approach.

New York

NYC Business News Round-Up for December

A summary of the highlights and interesting business news in New York City here at the top of December 2021.

Business News

Jack Dorsey Steps Down at Twitter and Looks to Crypto

One of tech’s titans steps down from his role as CEO of Twitter to focus on Web 3.0

Business News

The Great Resignation: Why You Should Pay Attention

The last few months have witnessed a tidal wave of resignations. The Great Resignation remains one of the buzziest terms of 2021. Here at Alliance, many of our members are learning how to prepare, handle, and prevent the effects of The Great Resignation.

Executive Advice

Inclusive Hiring Strategies for Success

In today’s work environment, inclusive hiring practices are becoming increasingly vital to an organization’s success. Inclusive hiring recognizes the diversity and embraces a wide range of perspectives that candidates bring to the organization.

NY Alliance U Recap

Best Practices in Business Development

Learn how to save money by avoiding common pitfalls with speaker Gary Anzalone, founder of Razor Consulting, an outsourced business development resource for companies looking to expand into the global markets.

NY Alliance U Recap

Workplace Strategy – The Antidote to the Great Resignation

As organizations rattle around trying to find the solution to the Great Resignation, some experts believe focusing on workplace strategy is the perfect antidote.

Executive Advice

Developing Team Goals in 5 Easy Steps

As we start developing workplace strategies, it’s impossible to ignore the importance of team goals. If you want to be an outstanding manager, you must take the strengths and weaknesses of your team and work together towards the same goals.

Executive Advice

Leadership Under Pressure: Taking Care of Yourself

You know the adage: no pressure, no diamonds. But with at least 44% of leaders feeling burnout and considering switching companies, has pressure become too much? Leaders of today need to take care of themselves more than ever. Today, we’re discussing how to recognize burnout in the first place and the best way to deal with this added pressure.

NY Alliance U Recap

Sustainability – An Introduction to Strategic Action

In the latest Alliance U meeting, we discussed sustainability and strategic action with speaker Pournamasi Rath, director of sustainability at Ettinger Engineering Associates.


Why Creativity Should Be An Important Part of Your Growth Strategy

Creativity based on analytics with purpose can bring growth rates of 12% and more. However, you need to implement the three components of growth in your strategies to achieve that.

NY Alliance U Recap

Making Your Own Luck

On this rendition of Alliance U, we sat down with Jeff Gural, chariman of GFP Real Estate, to discuss a topic on which everyone has distinct opinions: luck.

Executive Advice

Effective Communication Strategies for Remote Teams

Communication is one of the most critical aspects of a successful team. As if keeping up with communication strategies on-site wasn’t challenging enough, now managers have to figure out how to perfect their communication with remote teams. As a leader, you must understand the nuances and challenges of communicating in a remote team setting.