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Making Your Own Luck

On this rendition of Alliance U, we sat down with Jeff Gural, chariman of GFP Real Estate, to discuss a topic on which everyone has distinct opinions: luck.

The Alliance U is a monthly meeting where we deep dive into topics that matter to our members. One of the many benefits of being a member of the NY Alliance is that we get to host these opportunities to learn directly from our members and their guests. On this rendition of Alliance U, Alliance member Brian Geller of Alexander Wolf & Son invited Jeff Gural, Chairman of GFP Real Estate, to discuss a topic on something everyone has distinct opinions: luck.

The experience dilemma

While today Jeff has been chairman of many organizations and runs a successful real estate company with more than 56 properties, most of which are located in New York City and New Jersey, it wasn’t always like that for Jeff. 

As a young adult fascinated with construction, Jeff tried to find his way in engineering and construction. “Every construction company I went said: ‘you have any construction experience?’ I said no, and they always told me to come back with more experience. 

Like many young adults face at that time in their lives, it was very frustrating. 

As life changed, Jeff moved to California, trying to find new opportunities. He found a fantastic job with the California Highways Division to his own luck. This was circa 1964, and he found himself at a job that provided the training he very much lacked before. 

Funny enough, after years of working in California, Jeff went back to New York. He eventually found a job at a construction company that had rejected him in the past. 

Is it luck or hard work?

With Jeff’s charisma and excellent track record, it’s no surprise that many of our members believe him to have great luck. But is it all luck, or is hard work ever involved in the equation?

“I did work very hard, but you do get lucky,” says Jeff.  We all get lucky in situations that suddenly align with our work. For example, “the Supreme Court didn’t take that sports betting case,” shares Jeff. “I would lose a fortune if they did because horse racing is a drying business.” Still, he adds, “I got lucky because I received a call after about what would happen if New York legalizes online gambling, someone would like to partner with us.” 

You need to get lucky. As Jeff says, “you have to be lucky as part of the hard work and what you have unlocked for yourself; it is about finding the right business partner, and keep working until it all aligns.” 


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