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Eyal Isaac

CEO at LISS Technologies

Member Portrait

A seasoned IT architect trained in many capacities of the industry, Eyal has worked in various capacities in the IT field, including major projects with Time Warner Cable, AOL, and Mitsubishi. A central figure in developing the diverse infrastructure and cloud offering that distinguishes LISS from other agencies, Eyal is an active member of the MSP Community and is constantly working to improve the quality of service and solutions that LISS delivers to its clients.Fluent in multiple languages, Eyal is uniquely poised to handle the diverse needs of the global marketplace and plays a key role in the expansion of the LISS Group. Eyal, along with his business partner Ira, was integral in taking LISS to the next level in business development by adding several new service options that increased revenue by over 300% in a short amount of time.