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James Melnichok

Managing Director, Client Services at TitleVest

Member Portrait

In 2012, James joined TitleVest’s team as Managing Director, Client Services. His role at TitleVest is engaging clients, both new and existing, while introducing them to TitleVest’s products and services. In addition, he helps spearhead various business development projects.James has been active in numerous facets of real estate since moving to New York City in 2002. He has become known as the ‘master connector’ for his ability to make strategic introductions for those around him. His clients include real estate developers, transactional real estate attorneys, mortgage loan officers and real estate brokers.James, his wife and two children live in Westport, Connecticut. He is active in Cub Scouts, Little League Baseball and in his spare time, he enjoys sailing and golf. James is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and majored in Public Relations.