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Melissa Robinson

Chief Operating Officer at Blace

Member Portrait

Melissa joined BLACE as the VP of Marketing and Partnerships in August of 2021, and moved into the COO role in April of 2023. BLACE is a start-up that connects landlords of some of NY and LA’s most impressive real estate with clients looking to host events in unique spaces. As COO, Melissa oversees Product/Technology, Internal Operations/Communication, Marketing, Human Resources, Company Culture, Customer Support, and Vendor Relations.

Prior to joining BLACE, Melissa spent nine years at CaaStle, named one of Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2020. During her time at CaaStle, Melissa served as a utility player, doing a rotation throughout the company, with experience in Operations/Logistics, Marketing, Merchandising, Customer Support and Account Management. A true startup environment, it required flexibility, better than average problem-solving skills, and the ability to operate in a fast-paced environment.

Melissa holds an MA in International Education from NYU. Melissa holds a BA from Salisbury University in English and Spanish, with a minor in Secondary Education. She also holds a MA from NYU in International Education, with a focus on educational systems in the developing world.